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3-Lie Superalgebras Induced by Lie Superalgebras

This group is related to the octonions by considering the 16 component spinors as two component octonion spinors and the gamma matrices acting on the upper indices as unit octonions. G 3 This exceptional Lie superalgebra has dimension 31 and is a sub-algebra of OSp 17 The invariants are similar to the above it being a subalgebra of the F 4? There are also two so-called strange series called p n and q n. Infinite-dimensional affine Lie superalgebras are important symmetries in superstring theory. In category theory , a Lie superalgebra can be defined as a nonassociative superalgebra whose product satisfies.

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Symmetric Lie superalgebras and deformed quantum Calogero-Moser problems

String theory. Strings History of string theory First superstring revolution Second superstring revolution String theory landscape. T-duality S-duality U-duality Montonen—Olive duality.

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The Lie

Penkov and V. Serganova, Representations of classical Lie superalgebras of type I, Indag.

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