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I've now read all 6 books, and it just gets better and better' 'My new favourite in the genre' It's New Year's Eve. A major terrorist cell is planning a series of attacks across London over the next forty-eight hours. The government has surveillance on the group, a man undercover, and prepare to move in, to take out the terrorists before they can strike. But they lose contact with their inside man. And the cell vanishes into thin air, dispersing into the streets, armed and intent on completing their assault on London.

The best Counter-Terrorist teams in the country are told to take them down before it's too late. Nine terrorists. Nine lives.

David Archer

The Armed Response Unit is one of these teams. Efficient and ruthless, the task force is ordered to locate the leader of the cell. As they hunt him down, they begin to realise that this is far bigger than any of them could ever have imagined. Bombings, rocket attacks, betrayal and a series of unexpected and shocking twists leave the ARU fighting to stay alive.

There's Archer, the youngest member of the team, keen to prove himself and justify his spot on the task force. His best friend, Chalky, who is forced to fight both the terrorists and his own demons. Porter, Deakins and Fox, tough and experienced men who've never dealt with anything of this magnitude. And Mac, their sergeant, who must make the quickest of decisions and lead his men against the invisible enemy.

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As events unfold, other people are drawn into the danger. The Prime Minister, desperately trying to find a solution and protect the capital. A mysterious female Mossad agent, who appears out of nowhere and joins the fight against the cell. The actual drama is a tad far-fetched to be believable if you know anything about US Law Enforcement. But the stretch makes for interesting story telling. WOW I stopped reading long enough to fix a quick supper, went back to reading while I ate and read to the end.. There are so many plot twists that it's dizzying.. The characters are believable, like old old friends..

Tom Barber is one hell of a writter.. Can't wait to read his next one.. Dec 03, Rex Sumner rated it it was amazing. Keep reading This book has a slow start and is complicated, without engaging characters at first. Very easy to give up. It rapidly becomes unputdownable. Gripping, realistic characters.

People actually getting hurt and feeling their pain, even though they are tough. Realistic, excellent, realistic plot. Dec 09, Marcus rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-challenge I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This book contains action, graphic violence, police procedures, several plot twists, a budding romantic relationship, and just about the entire reading cast dying.

The book is very well written, situations displayed accurately, and characters well developed.

Jul 15, margaret pearce rated it it was amazing. This book has me gripped from the beginning. The story was very different but absolutely gripping. The characters were so well portrayed. There were surprised throughout and some very tense moments. Kept me up late at night wanting to know what happened next. Thoroughly recommend. Jul 11, Linda rated it it was amazing. Relentless Amazing story of survival.

One little girl. A team of US Marshalls guarding her.

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A cop seated nearby sipping a soda. Unbeknownst to them all, a dangerous group is about to ambush them. In just a few hours, most of them will be dead. I saw some editing errors. I did not see the plot twist coming. Dec 19, Dick Dubay rated it really liked it.

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  • One Way (Sam Archer, #5) by Tom Barber.
  • Under pressure: my job as a deep sea saturation diver.

Another great book for the series This is another great book in the Sam Archer series. The action is well written and executed. There is a twist to the story that I did not see coming and was well done. This is one I would recommend if you like action and adventure, and strong characters. Very well done. Feb 02, Jim Bean rated it it was amazing. Outstanding I don't know about the other four books in this series but number 5 was an exceptionally wonderful story. When I started reading the story a almost quit because I didn't see how a story could stay interesting with the location in only one building.

I was totally wrong. I couldn't put the book down.

A wonderful thrilling novel. Apr 21, Brian Doyle rated it it was amazing. Non stop high octane action. Sam Archer's stories are always well worth reading, and are ones that you cannot put down once you have started reading. All in all a great read read with a surprising twist along the way. Dec 16, Linda rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. This was a really good read.. Lots of action and not a dull moment from the beginning to the end. But unless I missed something Marquez was on the 13th floor. It seems she would have had a hard time seeing the roof on the 22nd floor of the other building. Sep 23, Frank Roberto rated it it was amazing. The books in the series keep getting better!! The more that I read the books in the Sam Archer series, the better they get.

Tom Barber is creating Sam Archer Thrillers | Patreon

Tom Barber is doing a very good job in putting together a plot to his story. Sam Archer is becoming one of my favorite characters in literature. Jan 01, Michael rated it really liked it. A real page-turner!

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  • Last Breath (Sam Archer, #8) by Tom Barber;

Another intense book from this author! Most of the action takes place in a single NY tenement. From thugs to crooked cops and mobsters, this story covers a lot of ground fast! May 21, Kim Page rated it it was amazing. This book could be a movie with it's non-stop action, intrigue and suspense OMG and the major plot twist!! Excellent writing Looking forward to reading more from Tom Barber! Sep 19, neil fowler rated it it was amazing. Keep your head down!!!! I loved it from start to finish, characters are well described.

Bullets of various caliber are plentiful. The plot keeps twisting and turnning. Will definitely read more, go on buy it, you will make a fortune on spent bullets. Jan 23, Linda rated it it was amazing. It's not often that I can't put a book down, but this is one of those books. The suspense keeps rolling on and you find yourself hoping for the good guys even though you know some aren't going to make it. A good suspense thriller! Oct 10, Tracey rated it it was amazing Shelves: ipad. Great book, it was a wild ride! If the author gave it away free on Amazon to get more readers- he succeeded.

Definitely going to read the others in the Archer series. This book would make a great movie! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Tom Barber. Tom Barber. Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in England and Brunei, Tom Barber has always had a passion for writing and story-telling. The following books in the series have been equally successful, garnering five-star reviews in the US, UK, France, Australia and Canada. The Sam Archer series has sold over 88, books worldwide and each title is currently being adapted into audiobook format.

Tom spends most of his time back and forth between the US and the UK. Other books in the series. Sam Archer 1 - 10 of 11 books. Books by Tom Barber. I was in there at 29, floundering around, making a complete fool of myself, because I was lost. The novel launched him on a career as an author. Critics were sniffy, but he has always said he would rather sell millions than win the Nobel Prize for literature. He looks out across the river again. One simple gift has given you all this! He means the gift of storytelling, which has enabled him to sell million copies of his books.

But Archer had lied to the court about an alibi and was tried 13 years later for perjury and perverting the course of justice, just as he was preparing to run for Mayor of London. Archer was sent to jail for four years. He served two and emerged with yet another bestseller, A Prison Diary. When we first met five years ago, I asked him why Mary was still with him. Very forgiving. Very understanding. We would have left each other years ago if we did not still have a tremendous relationship, of course we would have done.

Still, why has Mary kept faith with him? Archer leans closer. I drove Mary to the final interview for her job at the Science Museum. She was up against four people — a cabinet minister, a senior civil servant They will look at you and say you can do the job. So he gives her confidence and undying support? He nods. Life with him can never be dull. They have access to the upper echelons of politics and the arts as one of the best-connected couples in London.

Archer admits he would not like it if his wife earned more than him. Lady Archer has a fierce eye for detail and has proofread the latest book. He laughs. With a double-first degree, she teaches at Somerville. The first woman at Trinity, and the first woman ever to chair a public museum or gallery.

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Oh, Picasso! Oh, Lincoln! Why this obsession with alternative lives today? Suddenly, the penny drops. The hero Alexander has to flee the Soviet Union and a coin is tossed to decide where he and his mother will go. The novel follows both possibilities — as Alexander becomes Alex the banker in the States and Sasha the high-flying politician here — until he returns to Russia to take on his lifelong rival in the race to become president.

His mother had to make the decision when she left Jamaica whether to go to Britain or the United States of America. He was born in Harlem. He would never have become Secretary of State. What I am aware of is that often when you employ an immigrant, they work twice as hard as anyone else. They give, give, give. The new book has got Archer thinking about the haves and the have nots.

By the way, so do most Conservatives. So did he mean it?