Manual Six-Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Structural Problems

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Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Structural Problems, 4th Ed

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There seems to be a great deal of PE Exam preparation material avaialble now days.

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Some of it is very expensive, i. From any of the recent PE exam takers in the forum, where there any specific review materials that you felt were particularily helpful for the exam? Kaplan seems to put together a fairly comprehensive package at a good price, but would anyone reccomend using the Kaplan materials?

How much time would some of the recent test-takers reccomend putting into study prior to taking the PE examination? Thanks for your input! Have you tried the public library? Most libraries now have inter-library searches and lending. You can even obtain text books from colleges and universities. Here is the search form from the library in my area. I second the library, as bimr stated above.


During my studying, I actually joined the library of the school I graduated from. Every person is in their own situation with respect to preparing for this test, but I tend to discourage people from buying a "study package" I would recommend the Lindeburg Engineering Reference Manual for the discipline you're considering taking, the "Six Minute Solutions" for the discipline you're interested in taking, the NCEES practice exam book, that was plenty for me.

Lindeburg also has a book of practice problems but you might be able to get that from the library if you think it'll help. I would second the Lindburg reference manual. Study time is a personal issue and depends on what you do at work and how wide a range of stuff you work on.

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I work in a small office and see a wide range of design work. I spent very little time, compared to others I spoke to, working problems before the exam. Mostly I tabbed my referneces and prepared some notes. All in all maybe 25 hours. I had quite a bit of stuff just from day to day work. Select your depth module and prepare for that module. What afternoon are you going to take? Never, but never question engineer's judgement. As far as the afternoon exam I am still undecided.

I work as a structural, but my firm does pretty simple, routine building structures - No complicated buildings where I work. I've heard the structural afternoon test is pretty intense, so I guess I'm a little intimidated by that. I agree about the Lindeburg CERM - there is an alternate that covers the same material but is not as well laid-out. Between taking notes from the CERM for every section covered in the PM test I was taking and solving every question for that discipline in Exam Cafe I was very thoroughly prepared and able to complete the AM in 2 hours, giving me a long recovery before the PM.

I took the PE about a year and a half ago.

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The CERM is worth its weight in gold. That's the main book that you'll use on the test. I also purchased the practice test published by the same guy who makes CERM. I found that test helpful as there were many similar problems on the actual PE test, although the practice test was a little bit harder. I purchased the "six minute solutions" and didn't use that at all.

I did well anyway, but I like bulletproof. Part of what freaked me out about the NCEES practice test, at least the edition I had, was that later questions relied on earlier answer. I was terrified that it would be like that on the real test, and that getting one answer wrong would take down three others. If you're not doing structural in the PM, I still recommend the ppi2pass CD-ROMs, though they're pricey--and even if you are doing structural in the PM, they're great review for the morning section.

Fortunately for me, my employer bought mine for me. No, the CERM covers breadth and depth sections for all disciplines. CERM is nowhere near enough for structural. It's close to enough, along with some standard references such as the Green Book , for the other fields. You could probably do ok on water resources, environmental, and geotech with just the CERM. I just took the PE Geotech exam in fall 07 and passed.